1099 Employees Working in Live Events: Why You Need Crew Cover Insurance


In the dynamic and fast-paced world of live events, ensuring the safety and well-being of crew members is crucial. With the inherent risks associated with audio/visual, power, stage/set construction, general crew, and various other roles, it becomes essential to have reliable insurance coverage.

Fortunately, there is a crew cover program designed specifically for 1099 employees working in the live event industry. This program, endorsed by the ESA (Event Safety Alliance), provides a flat-rate general liability policy on an annual basis.

Let’s delve into the details of this comprehensive coverage and how it is tailored to meet the unique needs of freelancers and contractors working at festivals and concerts.

What Is The Crew Cover Program?

The Crew Cover Program is a comprehensive insurance program designed for 1099 employees in the live event industry. It provides general liability coverage at a flat rate, ensuring that crew members have the necessary protection to protect themselves and their clients against potential liabilities.

What Are the Benefits of the Crew Cover Program?

With coverage for various classifications and the flexibility to cater to festivals and concerts, this program ensures that crew members can focus on their work with confidence, knowing they are protected against potential liabilities.

Here are just a few of the program’s highlights:

  • Coverage for various classifications: The program caters to a wide range of classifications within the live event industry, including audio/visual technicians, power experts, stage/set construction crews, general crew members, backline professionals, production assistants, managers, lighting technicians/designers/riggers, automation programmers, operations managers, and stage managers.
  • Ideal for festival and concert workers: The Crew Cover Program is especially well-suited for 1099 employees who work in festivals and concerts. These events often involve a multitude of activities, complex setups, and large crowds, which can increase the risk of accidents and liabilities. Having a dedicated crew insurance program ensures that these professionals can focus on their work without worrying about potential legal and financial consequences.
  • Easy application process: Applying for coverage through the Crew Cover Program is quick and hassle-free. Interested individuals can apply here.
  • Flexible coverage options: The Crew Cover Program understands that different events may require varying liability limits. Therefore, the program offers flexibility in selecting higher liability limits to meet the specific needs of promoters or events. This ensures that crew members are adequately covered, regardless of the size or scale of the event they are working on. Additionally, the program provides optional coverages such as hired and non-owned auto coverage and accident medical coverage for up to $25,000, offering comprehensive protection against potential accidents or injuries.
  • Endorsement by the ESA: The Crew Cover Program has gained recognition and endorsement from the Event Safety Alliance (ESA), further validating its reliability and suitability for the live event industry.
  • Annual policy: The Crew Cover Program provides an annual policy that extends beyond a single job or event. This means that crew members can utilize this comprehensive coverage on multiple jobs throughout the year, providing continuous protection for their work in the live event industry.
  • Competitive pricing: The Crew Cover Program stands out as an extremely competitive option in comparison to the market. The program offers comprehensive coverage at a flat rate, ensuring that crew members receive high-value insurance protection without breaking the bank.

Overall, the Crew Cover Program is a valuable resource for 1099 employees in the live event industry. It offers comprehensive coverage at an affordable rate, empowering crew members to focus on their work and pursue their passion in the live event industry with confidence.

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