Introducing Liberty’s National Human Capital Management Practice


The insurance brokerage industry can be a challenging environment, but the Liberty Company has found a unique competitive advantage in their Human Capital Management Practice Group.   

As practice leader in this area, Clint Tripodi has a clear vision and mission to establish Liberty as the premier business partner in the industry by partnering with clients to set strategy and execute to plan through leadership and organizational development. As part of his role, Clint helps partners and producers close business, cross-sell and retain clients, and he does this by facilitating strategic planning and leadership development.  

Clint’s desire to help clients optimize their business is what led him to become Liberty’s Human Capital Management Practice Leader. He understands the importance of insurance and human capital management practices in sustaining and growing a business and focuses on two things: strategic planning facilitation and implementation of the whole leader, which includes skills acquisition, executive coaching, leadership assessments, and personality preferences.  

What’s more — Clint’s life’s work has been in leadership development and strategic planning. He has impressively authored 25 leadership development programs and consulted with more than 450 companies.  

One example of a successful project the Human Capital Management Practice has completed, is with an architectural client in Texas. They hired Clint to make their company culture more people-centric and implement employee engagement focused programs. As a result, in about 10 months, they saw increased retention levels and satisfaction surveys were through the roof. But more so, the client now feels like they have a solid plan and sense of real strategic direction moving forward.  

Collaboration with other practice groups within the organization is essential for the success of the Human Capital Management Practice. Clint starts by reaching out to producers to help them understand the value proposition of partnering with the practice group and the relationship evolves from there. In addition, Clint and his team have been asked to attend finalists’ presentations and partner on major RFP’s.   

But how does Clint balance the needs of his clients with the goals of his practice group? This is one and the same for Clint. The goals that he has to be a strategic partner with his clients are the same goals his clients have with him. If you ask his clients how they view the Human Capital Management Practice Group, they will lead with “they’re strategic partners,” and they say, “we can’t imagine running our business without Liberty – we consider you as part of our team.”   

Overall, Liberty’s Human Capital Management Practice is a unique differentiator in the insurance brokerage industry. Its focus on strategic planning and leadership development has helped many clients optimize their businesses, and in turn, retain that business. Clint collaborates with other practice groups within the organization to ensure that Liberty is viewed as a strategic partner rather than just an insurance provider. His ability to balance the needs of his clients with the goals of his practice group has resulted in Liberty being viewed as an essential part of their business.   

For more information on Liberty’s National Human Capital Management Practice Group, please reach out to Clint Tripodi, Senior Vice President (National Human Capital Management Practice Leader), The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers.  

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Clint Tripodi has 25+ years of success in HR & Operations consulting with 450+ global high-tech companies.

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