Leading with Love


Hi all,

We are blessed to have come together to create a Culture here at Liberty that I believe is truly special.

I’ve mentioned in some previous memos that everyone at Liberty has the opportunity to be a leader simply by embodying the company’s Mission and Core Values.

But the true foundation of all of that is LOVE.

When it comes to leadership, I believe that love is typically a underutilized virtue but also potentially its most powerful. Once we re-envision our work as being fundamentally about fulfilling a higher purpose of giving service, the unleashing of love (and the good feelings that come with it) both within ourselves and throughout our Liberty Community will naturally follow.

I believe that the way life and the universe works is very simple – you get what you give! I’ve learned in my life that the more love I put into any relationship, the more love that is returned in all of its forms. I believe that our work and our Liberty Community is no exception to this rule.

I believe in the concept of Servant Leadership.

Servant leadership envisions the role of the leader as one who serves the organization and the people they interact with.

A Servant Leader is defined as a person who prioritizes the needs of others, deriving his or her authority from the heartfelt impulse to help.

Servant Leadership is an expression of love in action.

Instead of thinking of business as a battlefield, think of it as a community. I believe that authentic community amongst all the stakeholders of Liberty and giving love to that community – is our highest goal and our path to the greatest abundance in all of its forms.

Below are some fundamental tenets and ways to practice Leading with Love in our Liberty Community:


  • Generosity is an expression of abundance.
  • Generosity doesn’t have to mean grand gestures – it might just mean helping someone with a simple question.
  • Generosity can come in the form of mentoring others to learn and grow – it feels good!


  • Gratitude is one of the single most important keys to happiness in life.
  • Gratitude is a key that unlocks the heart.
  • Consider beginning each day with just one minute of gratitude – reflecting upon how amazing the universe is and how incredible it is to be alive!
  • If we find ways to express gratitude every single day, we will be more successful and experience more joy than we ever thought possible.


  • Appreciation is a habit.
  • One of our most important jobs as leaders and as human beings on this planet is to salute the good in others – to recognize and appreciate the outstanding qualities and actions of others.
  • When we truly appreciate others, it allows us to open our hearts.
  • As Ken Blanchard said in his best-selling book, The One Minute Manager, Catch People Doing Something Right. Its easy for all of us to fall into the habit of being critical of others and finding fault but it’s important to place our attention on the good work that people are doing and share good feelings by acknowledging and appreciating those things.


  • Practicing Care means constantly asking ourselves: How can I be most helpful in this situation?
  • How can I do my best and have the best intentions for the other in this situation?
  • Often times, practicing Care is simple and the little expressions of it can make a huge difference.


  • Compassion takes into account of big picture of the impermanence of life.
  • Compassion brings us together and reminds us what is most important in life.
  • Compassion creates trust, commitment and loyalty in others.
  • The first step in practicing compassion is to stop being lost in your thought stream and to become present to the flow of life around you. As with any skill, the more we practice being present or mindful, the more compassion will naturally arise in our hearts.


  • I’m not saying its always going to be easy!
  • But the truth is that with every act of forgiveness, our heart becomes more open and we are naturally more able to bring the flow of love and good feelings into every situation.

I think it’s good for all of us to look for ways to increase our capacity to lead with love as a path to:
better service to everyone we interact with more success and prosperity both individually and collectively and most importantly, more good feelings in every direction.

Leading with love is a truly wonderful way to fulfill the spirit of our Mission of Promoting Peace of Mind with Great Care.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day.

Sending love,

Bill J.

Tim Mooney
For 22 years, Tim has specialized in alternative risk financing for workers’ compensation and liability insurance programs with unmatched brokerage services.
Clint Tripodi

Clint has 25+ years of success in HR & Operations consulting with 450+ global high-tech companies.

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