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Introducing Liberty’s National Healthcare Services Practice 


The healthcare industry is an incredibly important and rapidly growing field. As our population ages we require more healthcare services, accordingly the demand for these services continues to rise. That’s where Liberty’s Healthcare Practice comes in – they specialize in helping healthcare providers of all kinds find the insurance coverage they need to protect their businesses and their patients. 

Led by Tim Mooney, Liberty’s National Healthcare Services Practice is focused on the healthcare industry as a whole, which means they work with a diverse range of clients – from large hospitals and medical centers to smaller clinics and private practices. Tim and his team’s focus is to help clients navigate the complex world of healthcare insurance and find the best solutions to meet their unique needs.  

One way the National Healthcare Services Practice differentiates itself from other insurance brokers is through their relationships with strong healthcare carriers such as CNA, Chubb, and others. They leverage these relationships on behalf of their clients and prospect opportunities that other brokers may not have access to. Through these relationships, Tim and his team can provide their clients with more competitive terms and/or broader coverage, which in turn helps them to grow the book of business. In general, the team’s goal is to provide clients with the best possible coverage at the most competitive rates, and their relationships with these carriers help them to achieve this. 

So, what led Tim to become a practice leader in this area? For Tim, it was his deep background in workers’ compensation – many healthcare providers have significant workers’ compensation costs, so it was a natural fit for him. As he’s grown his book of business, he’s come to appreciate the many other facets of the healthcare industry and the unique challenges its’ professional and management liability coverage lines present. He finds it very rewarding to help healthcare providers protect their businesses and sees as an opportunity for younger Liberty producers to grab a hold of an industry specialty so they can grow their book of business. 

While the National Healthcare Services Practice is just getting started, they are already making progress. In California alone, Liberty Company has $2 million of annual revenue on the books, a number that could potentially be ten times larger with the right approach. The growth potential for Liberty Company Insurance Brokers and the Healthcare Services Practice Group is significant.    

Currently, Tim and his team are working to identify other brokers who are interested in focusing on the healthcare industry and growing their book of business in this vertical. Collaboration is essential to their success as a practice group – and speaking of collaboration, the practice group is always looking for ways to work with other practice groups within Liberty. Tim believes they can learn a lot from each other and share best practices that will ultimately benefit their clients. 

Of course, at the end of the day, the group’s focus is always on their clients; promoting peace of mind with great care. They strive to balance the needs of their clients with the goals of the practice group, which are centered around building strong relationships with carriers and growing its’ book of business in the healthcare industry.  

Overall, Liberty’s National Healthcare Services Practice is dedicated to helping providers find the insurance solutions they need to thrive. With a focus on collaboration, innovation, and client service, Tim and his team are committed to being a trusted partner for healthcare providers. 

For more information on Liberty’s National Healthcare Services Practice, please reach out to Tim Mooney, Senior Vice President (National Healthcare Services Practice Leader), The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers. 

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For more information on Liberty’s National Healthcare Services Practice Group, please reach out to Tim Mooney, Senior Vice President (National Healthcare Services Practice Leader), The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers.

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