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What We Offer

Small Group Employee Benefits

Specialized Employee Benefit packages for employers with fewer than 100 employees.

Large Group Employee Benefits

Extensive Employee Benefit packages and additional business support for employers with 100+ employees.

For Employers with Fewer Than 100 Employees

Small Group Employee Benefits

Give your employees peace of mind with quality benefits, tailored to the needs of your small business.


Liberty, As Featured On:

For Employers with 100+ Employees

Large Group Employee Benefits

Empower your employees with robust employee benefit packages and advanced support.

Employee Benefits

Customizable benefits for you and your team.

Unparalleled Support

Enhanced support & tools for your business.

Innovative Packages

Empower your employees physically, mentally, and financially.

Why Liberty?

Liberty has consistently been recognized as one of the most dynamic, fastest growing companies as well as one of the best places to work in the insurance industry, including being recognized as the #1 Fastest Growing Privately Held Insurance Broker in the U.S. over the past four years by the Hales Report.

Liberty is not your typical insurance broker: We are a culture-first organization, and believe “If you put people first, good business will follow.” Our goal is to clear the path of political and administrative distractions so our valued team of creators can focus on their Highest And Best Use (HABU), which is what they love to do, what they do best, and therefore, is best for all of us.

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