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Who Needs Film and Production Equipment Rental Insurance?

If you rent equipment for a film or production, whether you’re a professional studio or an independent filmmaker, you should consider purchasing rental insurance. This coverage can help protect against damage, theft, or loss of equipment while it’s in use.

Why Do I Need to Insure my Film and Production Equipment?

Even with proper precautions, accidents can happen on set or during transportation, and repairing or replacing equipment can be costly. Without the proper insurance, you may be responsible for paying these expenses out of pocket. Furthermore, some rental companies may not offer sufficient coverage or have exclusions in their policies that may leave a production company exposed to financial risks. Purchasing rental insurance can help mitigate these risks and provide peace of mind for a smooth production process.

Types of Coverages for Film and Production Equipment

Equipment Coverage

Equipment Coverage provides coverage for damage, theft, or loss of equipment while it's in use, including cameras, lighting, sound equipment, and more.

General Liability

General Liability Insurance provides coverage for third-party claims of bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury, which can arise from the use of equipment.

Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto provides coverage for vehicles used for business purposes, such as transporting film and production equipment to and from locations.

Workers’ Comp

Workers' Compensation provides coverage for employees who are injured or become ill on the job, including those who operate and transport production equipment.

Commercial Property

Commercial Property provides coverage for damage or loss of property, including film and production equipment, due to covered events such as fire or theft.

Umbrella and Excess

Umbrella and Excess insurance provides additional liability coverage beyond the limits of primary policies, such as General Liability, to protect against larger claims related to injury or damage caused by the use of equipment.


Documentaries, Industrial, Commercial, and Educational Films (D.I.C.E.) Insurance covers rented and owned equipment, wardrobe, sets, props, general liability, workers compensation, and damage to third party property, among others.

Employee Benefits

Designed to support the well-being and security of production crew members. These benefits typically include comprehensive health insurance coverage as well as access to retirement plans or pension schemes to help employees plan for their future.

Professional Liability

Provides essential protection against potential legal claims arising from errors, omissions, or negligence in the production process, ensuring that filmmakers and production companies are safeguarded financially and legally.

What Coverage Options are Right for Your Film and Production Company

At Liberty, our team of experts can help you find the right coverage at the right price for your business.

Are you a contractor in the film industry?

Learn about our specialized Crew Cover insurance.

Event Safety Alliance (ESA), an event safety network, and our program partner collaborated to provide access to Crew Cover for ESA members. ESA endorsed Crew Cover includes liability and many optional insurance coverages, along with a Event Safety Alliance membership, free safety training resources, annual summit opportunities, crowd safety workshops, and an event safety university.

How Does Film and Production Equipment Insurance Work?


Review Your Needs

We cover every detail of your operation to make certain that you’re properly covered. This is the easiest way to avoid gaps in your business coverage.


Obtain Quotes From Our Partner Carriers

We have access to every carrier in the industry, allowing us to market your policy for the best price and level of coverage.


Learn About Policy Options

We’ll help you balance price and coverage while reviewing every quote we’ve received. Because we have existing relationships with commercial carriers, we know how to pinpoint the best policy for you.


Get Covered Right Away

We can close the deal quickly, bind coverage, and make sure that your production or event is protected.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Film and Production Equipment Rental Insurance

Film and production equipment rental insurance can cover damage, theft, or loss of equipment while it’s being rented or leased. It can also provide coverage for third-party claims of bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury, as well as legal claims related to mistakes or omissions in the production process.

The cost of film and production equipment rental insurance varies depending on the type of exposure and the limits required. Contact us for a personalized quote.

While rental companies may offer insurance on the equipment you’re renting, this coverage may not be enough to fully protect you in case of an accident. Purchasing your own rental insurance can provide additional peace of mind and ensure that you’re fully covered.

Contact us at Liberty to discuss your insurance needs and receive a personalized quote. We can help you understand your coverage options and find the right policy for your specific needs.

The crew cover solution is an annual policy that you are able to utilize for other events you plan to work throughout the year.

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