Private Client Group

Protecting Your Family, Assets & Legacy

Work with our team at Liberty when you wish to insure every asset, home, vehicle, property, or collectible. As your insurable wealth grows, insurance coverage should also grow with you. Unique Situations like yours requires enhanced protection.

Risk management is more than just insurance policies. Our team takes a pragmatic approach on assessing your risk that is rooted in our service platform.

What defines a Private Client?

Liberty’s Private Client group and their Concierge Premier suite is designed for individuals and families with more than 1mm in home replacement cost coupled with other lines of coverage including, auto, umbrella, collectibles/valuables and watercraft. Our Concierge Premier suite is designed to manage all your insurance needs with a dedicated team.

Why Do Private Clients Need Enhanced Insurance?

Private Clients need more than a home and auto policy with a rider or two. Most private clients have sophisticated estate planning needs and tend to involve higher limits of coverage and niche products. These policies simply cannot live under generic offerings, and our team at The Liberty Company has the experience and relationships in the marketplace to create Peace of Mind.

Your Concierge Premier Suite

As a member of Liberty’s Private Client Group, you gain access to our Concierge Premier suite:

Private Client Lines Of Coverages

Personal Excess Liability

Personal excess liability offers extended coverage for claims brought against you or family members for injury, illness, or bodily harm.

Auto Insurance

Policies from The Liberty Company can handle more than your family hatchback. Our team can insure classic or exotic vehicles, no matter the size of your collection.

Watercraft Insurance

Because you may have a collection of watercraft, it’s important to carry insurance for each vessel.

Aircraft Insurance

If you want a bird’s eye view of the world, you might own a fleet of aircraft or a personal plane for you and your family. Protecting these investments is essential for your safety.

Jewelry Insurance

While you may own more than jewelry, insurance for engagement rings, precious stones, timepieces, and irreplaceable jewels is critical for HNW individuals.

Art Insurance

Insuring fine works of art is just as important as insuring your jewels, homes, and cars.

Collectibles Insurance

The Liberty Company also helps HNW individuals insure furs, China, silverware, silver sets, valuable stamps, firearms, rare coins, expensive musical instruments, electronics, and specialty sporting equipment.

Umbrella and Excess

Umbrella and excess insurance provides greater limits and additional coverage to protect against catastrophic losses, especially given your extensive portfolio of wealth.

Kidnap and Ransom

High-net-worth individuals face threats every day, and kidnap/ransom insurance helps your family manage crisis situations.

Life Insurance for HNW Individuals

Life insurance for HNW individuals offers far more protection so that your family can recover and move forward in the event of a tragic loss.

Workers’ Comp for Household & Personal Staff

HNW individuals often have drivers, personal assistants, and household staff, and it’s imperative that you carry coverage to protect your team while they support you and your family.

Concierge Claims Advocacy

We never want losses to occur, but when they do, the PCG works with carriers to ensure claims are paid accurately and promptly.

Value-Added Services

Value-added services from the Concierge Premier program include dedicated account management, annual coverage reviews and risk assessment, routine stewardship reports and summaries of insurance, and a preferred vendor network.

What Coverage Options are Right for You?

At Liberty, our team of experts can help you find the right coverage at the right price for your business.

How Does Insurance for Private Clients Work?


Review Your Needs

We cover every detail of your family’s assets and holdings to make certain that your insurance policies align properly. This is the easiest way to avoid gaps and redundancies in your coverage.


Remarketing is Key

While most brokerages may only have a few carrier appointments, The Liberty Company has access to all Private Client carriers in the industry. This allows us to remarket your account for the best terms and conditions. Liberty not only has access but is routinely recognized by our carrier partners as top preforming brokers.


Learn About Policy Options

We’ll help you balance price and coverage while reviewing every quote we’ve received. Because we have existing relationships with carriers that specialize in private client coverage, we understand how to pinpoint the best policy for you.


Get Covered Right Away

We can close the deal quickly, bind coverage, and make sure that your family and assets are protected.

With diverse clients come diverse needs.
Working with our team at Liberty, you get the chance to:

Frequently Asked Questions

High-net-worth individuals may be flush with cash, but others might have an assortment of assets that require protection, including cars and collectibles. Don’t look at your paycheck so much as your belongings and assets.

Insurance for collectibles could cover anything from art to fine China, sculptures, furs, baseball cards, electronics, musical instruments, and much more.

At Liberty, we recommend you choose our Private Client Group because we offer expert guidance, quotes from all the best carriers, claims support, and a host of other options that will maximize the performance of your business.

The Concierge Premier suite of value-added services goes above and beyond to market preferred rates from the finest carriers in the industry for our private clients, helping you protect your vast collection of assets.

Don’t hesitate to reach out. We can answer your questions, write coverage, and close the deal so you can get back to work.

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