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Introducing Liberty’s National Private Client Practice


The world of insurance can be complex and overwhelming for many people, especially when it comes to protecting their valuable assets. That’s where personal lines insurance comes in, providing coverage and protection for individuals and families. Within the personal lines insurance world, there’s a niche that focuses specifically on private clients who have assets, such as large estates, yachts, planes, and other expensive items, exceeding $1 million in replacement costs.   

This is where Steve Rivera’s Private Client Practice Group comes in. Steve and his team provide concierge service to their clients, offering tailored insurance solutions to meet their specific needs. They take a comprehensive approach, not just looking at one particular asset, but understanding their clients’ entire lifestyle and ensuring that their wealth is protected in times of peril.   

As Liberty’s Private Client Practice Leader, Steve sets goals and objectives, and his team leverages relationships with other practice groups within Liberty to drum up business, which is the cross-pollination his group wants and needs.  

Steve’s passion for this line of work stemmed from his curiosity about the lifestyles of the affluent. He was intrigued by the buying habits and power of these individuals and families and saw an opportunity to put insurance programs in place to help them protect their assets.   

But how does Steve balance the needs of his clients with the goals of his practice group? For Steve, the goal is always to provide concierge level service and to do the right thing for the client. By identifying issues and bringing out-of-the-box solutions to clients, the team builds trust and ultimately leads to more opportunities.    

Working with private clients in the personal lines insurance world is a unique and rewarding experience, and for Steve, it’s also provided opportunities to work with professional athletes, celebrities, corporate executives and business owners. But it’s not just about rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. It’s about understanding their needs, protecting their assets, and providing the highest level of service possible.  

Overall, Steve’s Private Client Practice Group provides a valuable service to individuals and families, protecting their assets and providing the highest level of coverage. They take a comprehensive approach to understanding their clients’ lifestyles and providing personalized insurance solutions to meet their specific needs. And by always putting clients first and doing the right thing, Steve and his team have built a successful practice that provides concierge service and builds long-term relationships with their clients.  

For more information on Liberty’s Personal Lines Practice, please reach out to Steve Rivera, Partner (National Personal Lines Practice Leader), The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers.   

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