ESA Crew Cover

Coverage for Your Event Crew

Event Safety Alliance (ESA), an event safety network, and our program partner collaborated to provide access to Crew Cover for ESA members. ESA endorsed Crew Cover includes liability and many optional insurance coverages, along with a Event Safety Alliance membership, free safety training resources, annual summit opportunities, crowd safety workshops, and an event safety university.

Crew Cover Risk Classifications

Audio / Visual Crew


General Crew

Lighting Tech / Designer

Tour Manager

Operations Manager


Production Assistant

Production Manager

Automation Prog. Technician



Stage Manager

Stage / Set Construction

Coverage Details

$1M / $2M
General Liability Limits
Products & Completed Operations Aggregate
$1M / $2M
Personal & Advertising Injury Limit
Each Occurence
Damage to Premises Limit
Medical Expense Limit

Optional Coverages

Hired and Non-Owned Auto Limit
Hired Auto Physical Damage Deductible
$25K, $50K or $100K
Accident Medical Limits
Waiver of Subrogation
Blanket Additional Insured
Equipment Coverage

Frequently Asked Questions about Crew Cover Insurance

The Crew Cover Program is specifically designed for 1099 employees in the live event industry. It caters to a wide range of classifications within the industry, including audio/visual technicians, power experts, stage/set construction crews, general crew members, backline professionals, production assistants, managers, lighting technicians/designers/riggers, automation programmers, operations managers, and stage managers.

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Yes! The Crew Cover Program offers an annual policy that extends beyond a single job or event. This means that you can utilize this comprehensive coverage on multiple jobs throughout the year, providing continuous protection for your work in the live event industry.

Absolutely! The Crew Cover Program stands out as an extremely competitive option in the market. It offers comprehensive coverage at a flat rate, providing high-value insurance protection for crew members while being mindful of their budget.

The program understands that different events may require varying liability limits. It offers flexibility in selecting higher liability limits to meet the specific needs of promoters or events, ensuring that crew members are adequately covered regardless of the event’s size or scale.

Yes! The Crew Cover Program provides a convenient self-service portal dedicated to generating certificates of insurance. This allows you to instantly name new certificate holders as needed, without any delays, streamlining the administrative process and ensuring efficient operations.

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