Top Tips for Managing Windows and Doors in a Co-Op


Co-ops are a great way to get into real estate with limited funds, but they can also be a challenge to maintain. That’s because they’re yours, but they’re also part of a much larger community with a maintenance team. What’s yours to fix and what’s not?

The good news is that you can do many things yourself! In fact, these tips will help you keep your co-op in excellent conditions, ensuring that your windows and doors can stand the test of time.

Common Problems With Doors and Windows

The most common problem with windows and doors is that they often lose their seal and don’t fit that well over time. We use them so often that this can become an increasing issue until there’s a major problem that’s not only obvious, but expensive.

At the same time, the windows and doors take the brunt of the activity in the home. Aside from your floors or cabinets, nothing is used more than the doors and windows.

Therefore, the most common problems with doors and windows are:

  • Loose or missing weather stripping..
  • Poor seal around the door.
  • Misalignment of the window/door and the frame.
  • Ineffective locking mechanisms.
  • Cracked glass.
  • Broken wood framing or structures.
  • Dented metal pieces.

Remember, solving these problems as soon as possible helps prevent worse problems in the future. Yes, you may need to hire a handyman or contractor to help, but that’s money well-spent before the problem gets out of hand.

How to Clean Windows and Doors

Cleaning windows and doors is just as important as recognizing the common issues above. Use these tips to keep your windows and doors in good working order, and remember that a good cleaning might reveal damage or issues mentioned in the step above.

Clean your windows and doors by:

  • Wiping down glass panes with a glass cleaner at least once a week.
  • Removing gunk and debris from woodwork at least once a week.
  • Checking locking mechanisms at least once a month.
  • Removing rust or discoloring from metal pieces as soon as possible.
  • Checking screens to ensure they are clean and still easy to remove.

How to Repair Windows and Doors

Yes, you can repair your own doors and windows, but only when the damage seems within your reach. If you have questions or don’t know what to do, you should hire a professional contractor.

If you’re comfortable repairing your co-op’s windows and doors, you should:

  • Remove the window or door completely from its mounting.
  • Check all screws to ensure they are tight-fitting.
  • Take a moment to clean the door or window.
  • Ensure a tight fit on all components.
  • Replace small components that you can easily source.
  • Replace the unit when it’s beyond your capabilities.

Above all else, you should address these problems as much as you can and as early as you can. Allowing anything to linger can cause irreparable damage that could cost thousands to repair, and in some cases, your insurance may not cover those repairs.

Reach Out to The Budde Agency for Help With Your Co-Op’s Windows and Doors

Reach out to our team at The Budde Agency if you have questions about co-op insurance and maintenance. Yes, you should ask the building maintenance team to help you where appropriate, but you must also be prepared to pinpoint issues with your doors and windows and resolve the problem as soon as possible—for the sake of your biggest investment.

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