Liberty Unveils National Human Capital Management Practice

Liberty Unveils National Human Capital Management Practice Group   


Practice led by 30-year industry veteran and former Risk Strategies executive, Clint Tripodi 

GAINESVILLE, FLA. – September 1st, 2023— The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers (Liberty), one of the fastest-growing privately held insurance brokerages in the nation, is excited to announce the launch of its National Human Capital Management Practice Group, spearheaded by Clint Tripodi, Liberty Senior Vice President, former Risk Strategies Practice Leader, and a highly experienced insurance professional with over three decades of industry expertise. The launch marks the third in a series of strategic initiatives the company plans to introduce over the year.  

The insurance brokerage industry is renowned for its challenges, but Liberty has discovered a distinct competitive advantage with the establishment of its Human Capital Management Practice Group. As the practice leader in this area, Tripodi brings a clear vision and mission to position Liberty as the premier business partner in the industry.   

“Our focus is on partnering with clients to create powerful strategies and drive their success through leadership and organizational development, “said Tripodi. “By optimizing human capital management practices, businesses can unlock their full potential and achieve remarkable results.”   

At the core of the Human Capital Management Practice Group is strategic planning facilitation and the implementation of the whole leader, which emphasize the acquisition of skills, executive coaching, leadership assessments, and personality preferences as essential elements for cultivating effective leadership within organizations. By employing these strategies, Liberty aims to empower its clients to achieve sustainable growth and maximize their entrepreneurial opportunities.   

“Liberty’s Human Capital Management Practice Group differentiates itself by acknowledging the vital role of insurance and effective human capital management practices in fostering business growth and sustainability,” said Bill Johnson, CEO, Chairman and Founder of Liberty. “The launch of this practice group reflects our commitment to providing holistic solutions that address the evolving needs of our clients.”  

Tripodi’s impressive track-record in leadership development and strategic planning includes the authorship of 25 leadership development programs and consultant work with over 450 companies. His expertise and dedication make him an invaluable asset to Liberty and a trusted advisor for clients seeking to drive organizational success.  

Earlier this year, Liberty announced the unveiling of its National Complex Workers’ Compensation Practice Group and National Healthcare Services Practice Group, respectively. With the launch of its National Human Capital Management Practice Group, Liberty reinforces its position as an industry leader and a strategic partner dedicated to empowering businesses for long-term growth and prosperity.   

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Clint Tripodi has 25+ years of success in HR & Operations consulting with 450+ global high-tech companies.

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