Overcoming General Liability Challenges in the Green Industry: How Liberty Company Insurance Brokers (Liberty) Can Offer Solutions



Landscaping companies, tree trimming companies, and arborists play a vital role in shaping and preserving our environment’s natural beauty. However, these green industry businesses face various challenges, particularly concerning General Liability claims. Addressing these challenges effectively is crucial to protect their reputation and financial stability. In this blog, we will explore the common issues these businesses encounter with General Liability claims and how Liberty can offer invaluable support to navigate through them.

Challenges Faced by the Green Industry:

Property Damage Claims: Landscaping activities often involve the use of heavy equipment and machinery, which can inadvertently cause property damage to a client’s premises. This can lead to significant financial liabilities for the landscaping company or arborist.

Third-Party Injuries: Accidents can happen during landscaping or tree trimming operations, resulting in injuries to third parties, such as clients, pedestrians, or neighboring properties. These injuries may lead to costly lawsuits and medical expenses.

Contractual Obligations: Many green industry businesses have contractual agreements with clients, and failure to meet the terms can result in breach of contract claims. This can happen if the work is not performed as expected or if there are delays in project completion.

Environmental Risks: Arborists and tree trimming companies face environmental risks due to potential damage to protected trees, accidental removal of important vegetation, or issues related to pest control treatments.

Liberty: Providing Essential Support:

Liberty understands the unique challenges faced by landscaping companies, tree trimming companies, and arborists when it comes to General Liability claims. They offer tailored insurance solutions and support to mitigate these challenges effectively:

Customized Insurance Coverage: Liberty can design comprehensive insurance packages tailored to the specific needs of green industry businesses. This coverage can safeguard against property damage, bodily injury claims, and other liabilities associated with their operations.

Risk Management Expertise: By conducting thorough risk assessments, Liberty can identify potential hazards and provide valuable guidance on implementing safety measures to reduce the likelihood of accidents and claims.

Contract Review and Compliance: To help green industry businesses meet their contractual obligations, Liberty can review contracts and advise on appropriate insurance coverage to ensure compliance with client requirements.

Prompt Claims Handling: Liberty boasts a team of experienced professionals adept at managing General Liability claims efficiently. Their expertise ensures prompt processing and fair settlements, minimizing the impact on the company’s finances and reputation.


Landscaping companies, tree trimming companies, and arborists are essential contributors to the beauty and preservation of our environment. However, they face several challenges concerning General Liability claims that demand careful attention and proactive solutions. Liberty understands the unique needs of the green industry and offers customized insurance coverage, expert risk management, contract review, and efficient claims handling. By partnering with Liberty, green industry businesses can protect themselves from potential financial liabilities, focus on their work with confidence, and maintain their reputation as reliable and responsible service providers.

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