Mastering the Financial Dynamics of an Aging Workforce: A Guide to Strategic Risk Management 

Kirk Aguilera - Mastering the Financial Dynamics of an Aging Workforce A Guide to Strategic Risk Management

As businesses navigate the shifting landscape of an aging workforce, the financial implications weave a tapestry of challenges and opportunities. In this blog, we delve into the intricate interplay of healthcare costs, insurance premiums, and workers’ compensation claims across different age groups. Discover the nuanced strategies that forward-thinking companies are adopting to not only manage […]

Strategic Estate Planning: Unlocking the Power of Private Client Insurance 

Client or agent are sitting on the table and signing papers.

For high-net-worth individuals, estate planning goes beyond the traditional realm of asset division; it’s a strategic maneuver intricately woven within private client insurance. This critical process not only ensures the careful management and distribution of your wealth, but also acts as a protective shield for your family’s financial future. In this guide, we’ll explore the […]

Liberty Introduces Christopher Orozco as Employee Benefits Producer 

Christopher orozco as employee benefits producer

GAINESVILLE, FLA. – March 21, 2024 —The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers (Liberty) is proud to announce that Christopher Orozco has joined the firm as Employee Benefits Producer.     From his humble beginnings in the mail room at Warner Pacific, Orozco’s unwavering commitment to excellence propelled him through various roles over the course of twelve years. Transitioning […]

From Vision to Impact: Leveraging HCM Strategies for Non-Profit Success in 2024  

From Vision to Impact Leveraging HCM Strategies for Non-Profit Success in 2024

Strategic Human Capital Management Amidst Transformative Trends   Additional Considerations    Board Development and Critical Business Thinking   My experiences on various non-profit boards, such as Dovetail Learning, have illuminated the critical importance of board development and “for-profit thinking in a non-profit world.” This philosophy emphasizes understanding the strategic linkages between your donor base, the non-profit mission, and […]