Is Your ABA Agency Fully Protected Under Your Professional Liability Plan?


As an ABA agency owner or manager, you work hard to provide quality care to your clients, but with the nature of the work, anything can happen. That’s why it’s crucial to carry professional liability insurance to protect your agency and staff from potential claims or lawsuits.

However, is your professional liability insurance providing you with enough coverage in the event of a significant claim? This is where a review of your professional liability coverage and policy limits is key.

What is professional liability coverage? It can help cover legal fees, settlements, and judgments, protecting your licensure and safeguarding your agency from financial ruin. But is your ABA agency fully protected under your professional liability plan?

Consider the Size of Your ABA Agency

The larger your agency, the greater the risk of a significant claim or lawsuit. If your agency maintains several locations or serves a large number of clients, it’s essential to carry the appropriate amount of professional liability coverage (beyond what’s considered “normal”).

A single claim could quickly exhaust your policy, leaving your agency vulnerable to financial loss. At the same time, you must scale coverage to meet the needs of the agency as it grows. Mindlessly renewing old policies is often the worst thing you can do.

Review Your Professional Liability Policy

First, take time to review your professional liability policy to ensure it covers all potential risks and exposures. Some policies have exclusions or limitations that could leave you vulnerable.

Working with our team at Liberty gives you insight into ABA liability insurance and helps ensure you have the best coverage possible. This is especially helpful if you bought the “I’ll take what I can get” policy when you started, but the practice has grown significantly since then.

Understand the Cost of Risks and Exposures

Pricing can vary depending on the size of your agency and the coverage limits you need. However, the cost of not having professional liability insurance can be far greater if your agency faces a significant claim or lawsuit.

Remember, premiums are always cheaper than payouts.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Purchase Insurance Coverage

It’s essential to have liability coverage in place before you need it—including necessary changes to the policy. Waiting until after a claim or lawsuit is too late, leaving your agency exposed to financial loss. Take the time to review your insurance coverage now to ensure your limits are correct (high enough, in many cases) and dovetail with your budget.

You can reach out to Liberty Behavioral Health at any time for help. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to safeguard your business.

Protect Your ABA Agency Today

As an ABA provider, you want to focus on providing quality care to your clients. Having the proper professional liability insurance coverage in place can help you do just that by protecting your agency and staff from potential claims and lawsuits. Reach out to Liberty Behavioral Health to learn more about professional liability insurance and additional coverages for ABA providers. Our experienced team can help you find the policies you need to protect your agency, allowing you to focus on what matters most, your clients.

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