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The Top 5 Reasons Legal Professionals Choose Liberty and CNA’s Collaborative Shield 


The legal profession, with its myriad challenges and uncertainties, necessitates a robust shield against unforeseen risks. Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance stands as a cornerstone in fortifying legal practices, and the alliance between Liberty and CNA offers a distinctive approach to navigating these complex waters. In this exploration, we delve into why this collaborative partnership is gaining attention among legal professionals seeking more than just insurance coverage.  

1. Bridging Expertise and Locale: The collaboration between Liberty and CNA goes beyond a mere partnership; it’s a bridge between national expertise and regional insight. CNA, a trailblazer in Lawyers Professional Liability insurance, brings its extensive industry knowledge to the table, complemented by Liberty’s nuanced understanding of the specific challenges faced by law firms in California, Hawaii, and Nevada. This synergy ensures a tailored and responsive approach to the unique legal landscapes within these states.  

2. Regional Precision, National Strength: Liberty’s program, underwritten by CNA, takes a targeted approach to the Western legal markets. Designed for law firms with 1 to 49 attorneys in California, Hawaii, and Nevada, the program reflects a commitment to addressing the distinctive needs of this region. Simultaneously, the collaboration extends its protective reach nationally, assuring law professionals across the country that their interests are secure with a network of carriers ensuring coverage no matter where they practice.  

3. Flexibility for Varied Practices: Rather than a rigid one-size-fits-all approach, the Liberty and CNA collaboration recognizes the diversity within the legal profession. The program allows law firms to tailor their coverage, offering options ranging from a minimum of $100,000 per claim to a maximum of $10M/$10M in some situations. This flexibility acknowledges the uniqueness of each legal practice and empowers firms to choose coverage that aligns with their specific needs.  

4. Proactive Risk Management and Support: Beyond traditional insurance offerings, the Liberty and CNA partnership places a strong emphasis on proactive risk management. With resources such as risk control seminars, hotlines, and dedicated professionals, the collaboration ensures law firms are equipped with the tools and knowledge to navigate challenges effectively. It’s a commitment to shared success and growth within the legal community.  

5. A Vision Beyond Insurance Transactions: This collaborative approach isn’t confined to insurance transactions. It’s a vision that transcends traditional boundaries, focusing on building a community-centric ethos within the legal profession. By acknowledging regional nuances and fostering a collective responsibility for risk management, Liberty and CNA aim to contribute positively to the growth and resilience of the legal community.  

Overall, in the vast expanse of legal practice, where every case is a unique composition and every courtroom appearance a distinct performance, the collaboration between Liberty and CNA orchestrates a symphony of support.   

Legal professionals, in choosing this collaborative tapestry, find more than coverage — they discover a melodic blend of national expertise and regional insights. It’s a harmonization of tailored solutions, flexibility, and a commitment to holistic risk management. This collaboration is an ode to a community-centric vision, fostering resilience and shared success within the legal profession.  

For more information on Liberty’s Lawyers Professional Liability Solutions, please reach out to DJ Mckenna, Division Manager (Lawyers Professional Liability), The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers.  

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