Magical Alchemy


Hi all,

You may not realize it but you are an Alchemist – everyone is.

Each of us finds ourselves having a certain set of circumstances in life: gender, race, the socio-economic strata that we were born into, how much love we received as a child, the amount of trauma that we have experienced in our lives etc, etc, etc.

It’s the deck of cards that life dealt us if you will.

There’s no getting around that, no changing it, no fixing it, it is what it is.

So the question is, what are we going to do with it? What choices will we make? What actions will we take?

That’s where the Alchemy comes in. That’s where the Magic comes in.

The goal in every moment is to make the best of your circumstances, make the most of it.

The goal is to take the straw and turn it into Gold.

That’s the MAGIC part! That’s what the Alchemist does. They make MAGIC!


Some people like to identify problems. Hey everybody, big problem over here!!!

Identifying problems is important but nobody ever got anywhere by focusing on problems they got somewhere by focusing on Solutions.

We are all Incredible, Powerful, Creative Beings capable of Magical Alchemy. We just have to remember that, and use that power, every day.

Every day.

Every moment of every day.

Flex that muscle. Exercise it. Strengthen it.

We are all alchemists and the goal is to use our infinite power to create magic!

What solutions are you focusing your incredible creative gifts on today? Your magical powers of Alchemy?

What are you creating today?

What straw are you going to turn into Gold today?

Go make some Magic today.

With love,

Bill J.

Tim Mooney
For 22 years, Tim has specialized in alternative risk financing for workers’ compensation and liability insurance programs with unmatched brokerage services.
Clint Tripodi

Clint has 25+ years of success in HR & Operations consulting with 450+ global high-tech companies.

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