Retirement Plan Consulting & Administration

1. Retirement Plan Consulting & Plan Selection for Your Business

Whether you are setting up a new retirement plan or trying to optimize an existing plan, we can help you find the best option for your business and employees that maximizes your savings.

Already Have a Plan?

Our consultants can help you optimize your existing retirement plan to by answering questions like:

Looking to Start a Retirement Plan?

We listen carefully to your objectives and present various retirement plan options based on your company’s demographics, so you can make a sound decision about the retirement plan that best meets your needs. We effectively communicate the immediate ramifications of each option, as well as the effects that changing legislation or circumstances can have on the potential solution.

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2. Easy Retirement Plan Installation

We prepare the plan document, summary plan description, administrative forms, and IRS filing forms necessary to set up your retirement plan. We can also present employee-education meetings so your employees understand the benefits you are offering them through the company’s retirement plan.

3. Retirement Plan Administration

Each plan year, your company’s retirement plan requires certain administrative functions based on the type of plan it is. We offer the full range of administrative services, saving your staff considerable time and effort:

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4. Retirement Plan Compliance

Each plan year, your retirement plan must have certain tests performed to ensure that it meets the legal requirements of the Internal Revenue Code. We offer the following compliance services, freeing your staff to focus on more urgent matters:

5. Ongoing Support

Rather than simply performing the necessary administrative and compliance services required of a retirement plan, our consultants follow up with you regularly to ensure that your retirement plan continues to meet the company’s objectives. Our consultants have the expertise to address the range of factors that impact your retirement plan, and they are proactive about notifying you of legal changes that may affect the plan.

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