Surety Bonds

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Choosing the right bonding partner can help avoid costly delays. We are surety bond experts that have been trusted by thousands of clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Type of License and Permit Bonds Are Available?

    • Auto Dealer Bonds
    • Collection Agency Bond
    • Contractor License Bond
    • Freight Broker Bonds
    • Liquor Tax Bond
    • Mortgage Broker Bonds
    • Seller of Travel Bonds
    • Telemarketing Bond
  • What Type of Contract Bonds Are Available?

    • Bid Bonds
    • Performance Bonds
    • Payment Bonds
    • Payment & Performance Bonds
    • Maintenance Bonds
    • Subdivision Bonds
    • All Other Contract Bonds
  • What Type of Court Bonds Are Available?

    • Appeal Bonds
    • Guardianship Bonds
    • Probate Bonds
    • VA Fiduciary Bonds
    • All Other Court Bonds
  • What Type of Fidelity Bonds Are Available?

    • Business Service Bond
    • Janitorial Bonds
    • Employee Dishonesty Bonds
    • Financial Institution Bonds
    • ERISA Bonds

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Whether you’re an experienced public works contractor with a long established bonding line or looking at bidding your first bonded project, Liberty Company Insurance Brokers has the resources and depth to help make sure your bonding line continues to meet your strategic goals.

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