Risk Management

Your Risk Mitigation Specialists

For large and/or complex risks and clients, our Risk Management Practice works with all other specialty practice groups at The Liberty Company to provide guidance and support in the areas of risk identification and analysis, risk control, and risk treatment.

The degree of sophistication in each of those stages will vary from client to client and from industry to industry, but the primary focus of the Risk Management Practice is to establish a sound risk management and insurance program for our mid-size to larger regional, national and multi-national clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Topics Are You Able to Advise On?

    • Alternative Risk Solution Options
    • Captive Management & Fronting Program
    • Casualty, Workers’ Compensation, and Auto
    • Property & Builders Risk
  • When Do Alternative Risk Solutions Make Sense?

    When traditional insurance doesn’t or can’t meet a client’s needs effectively, we help clients address these exposures by providing highly customized, innovative solutions that may utilize alternative forms of insurance and/or capital market strategies.

  • When Does a Captive Management & Fronting Program Make Sense?

    For those clients with the desire, financial ability or capital, and the need to form their own captive arrangement and/or who wish to become part of an existing cell captive, we have the ability to assist and coordinate the required services and provide the necessary risk management, excess insurance and claims coordination.

  • What Topics Are Covered Under Casualty, Workers' Compensation, and Auto?

    • Primary Casualty
    • Excess Casualty
    • Foreign Casualty
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • Excess Workers’ Compensation
    • Business Auto, Transportation & Large Fleets
  • What Topics Are Covered Under Property & Builder's Risk?

    • Primary Property
    • Excess Property
    • Builders Risk
    • Business Income & Extra Expense
  • How Can The Liberty Company Help?

    Our risk management experts have supported clients in their normal operations and as they have grown through expansion and mergers or acquisitions.  We will apply this experience to all facets of your risk and insurance program to ensure seamless integration of The Liberty Company services to meet our client’s long term needs and business operations.

    • Utilizing established Claims Management and Loss Control Consultants, both inside and out, we are able to establish achievable claims and safety goals that help drive down claims cost and our clients ultimate net costs.
    • By working with the National Account Divisions of the appropriate insurance carriers for each specific risk/client, we are working with an underwriting team accustomed to working on larger and more complex risk.
    • Complex Property Programs can include multiple layered and/or participating approaches, as well as complex allocation reporting.
    • Our understanding of the financial ramifications of each of these programs and how they may impact your financials, allows us to bring our clients alternative options to meet their needs.

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