Getting to Joy


Hi all,

I often like to remind people to remember to do their JOB each day, which stands for Joy of Being.

But the question remains, how do you get to joy?

How do you get to feeling joyful? Feeling full of joy.

What gives you joy?

These are really the fundamental questions.

I put a lot of thought into these questions. (Maybe I have too much time on my hands).

So I can share a few of my thoughts on this:

Joy is a feeling. Joy is a choice. You can choose to feel joyful throughout your day.

You feel it in your body.

So the first step is to become aware of how your body feels. Most of us are in our head the entire time and give no attention whatsoever to how our body feels – how the energy in our body is vibrating.

I catch myself sometimes sitting at my computer, doing my work and suddenly realize that I am holding my stomach in a knot. There is no good reason for this except that for some unconscious logic that I don’t fully understand, my subconscious mind decides that it is a good idea to put my stomach in a knot and then sends the order and my stomach complies. Probably something from my childhood.

Once I become aware of what I am doing, I can then unknot my stomach and carry on with whatever it was that I was doing – more productively and more joyfully.

Staying relaxed in the body, feeling happy and joyful. That’s the practice.

From there, I say that the path to joy is to practice gratitude and give love.

Feeling grateful and being loving are the best ways I’ve found to create the type of energy in my body that feels good, happy and joyful. Especially when I share that energy of good feelings with others.

That and giving service. Helping others. Such as perhaps, Promoting Peace of Mind With Great Care!

Feeling joyful is a choice – it’s the opposite choice of feeling stressed.

Feeling joyful is a practice so look to practice feeling joyful and being in a joyful state each day.

Here are the steps:

  • Become aware of how your body feels (meditation is very helpful for this but you can also just stop and pay some attention)
  • Relax your body in order to create the space for joy to emerge in it
  • Be grateful for all that you have
  • Give love and be of service to others
  • Practice steps 1-4 each day. Remember, what you practice you will become VERY good at!

Wishing everyone a joyful experience of this day.

All the best,

Bill J

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