Our Response to COVID-19: Liberty CARES Program


Last year, the world was struck with hardship as a pandemic swept through. Coronavirus brought new challenges to people across the globe, but essential workers and health care heroes showed up everyday to support their communities. This year, Liberty is joining efforts to offer support to those in need through the Liberty CARES program. Read on to learn about our nationwide Food Bank Fundraiser and how your organization can create new streams of income by partnering with us!

As a result of the hardship that the world is facing, communities in need are turning to their local organizations more than ever to help them fill their basic needs, but these organizations are struggling to keep up with the budgetary demands. Resources have rapidly depleted as community needs greatly increase. Liberty is committed to doing our part to support communities and to get organizations the resources they need through our Food Bank Donation Drive.

Liberty’s Nationwide Food Bank Donation Drive

Our mission statement is Promoting Peace of Mind with Great Care, and it has taken on more meaning this year due to the needs of our communities. Coupled with our core values, Integrity, Excellence, Caring, Kindness, Fairness, Teamwork, Good Feelings and Fun, we were prompted to take action and do what we could to give back to those in need.

We are very excited to launch our Food Bank Donation Drive. Our goal is to collect over $10K in donations for Food Banks in select cities across the United States. There are GoFundMe pages set up benefitting a variety of food banks from Bakersfield, California to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and you can donate by following this link. It is essential during this time that we come together to uplift our communities and make sure that food banks stay stocked as the weather gets colder.

Our team is excited to join the community and support organizations that are giving back so much. Steve Rivera of our Los Angeles Office says “I can’t wait to see Liberty impact our local communities through our foundation and this program.”

How Our Liberty CARES Program Works

Additionally, to support nonprofits and other donation-based organizations during these difficult times, we have launched the Liberty CARES program, also known as the Charitable and Renewable Endowment Stream. This program enables organizations doing essential work in their communities to create new streams of income using our insurance.

Liberty CARES allows supporters to donate to these organizations simply by moving their insurance policy to Liberty. For every policy that is referred through a partnered organization, we will donate 10% of the commission back to the partner! This creates opportunities for community members to donate without stretching their wallets thin.

This program is open to a wide range of institutions including but not limited to schools, cultural centers, sporting organizations, churches, synagogues, and nonprofits. The donation renews annually as the customer continues to use Liberty as their insurance provider, creating a long term stream of income for our participating organizations.

More Information and Resources

To find out more about Liberty CARES* and how you can become a participating organization, visit here. We’re excited to get essential resources to food banks and to create new streams of income for organizations doing their part to make the world a better place!

*This program is currently only available in California.

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