A Few Thoughts on the Current Situation


Hi all,

I wanted to send a note of appreciation to everyone who has been pulling together with such great attitudes and show of our core value of teamwork to keep our company operating at a high level during this challenging time. I feel so grateful that we work in this Nobel profession of the insurance industry which gives all of us the opportunity to serve others. I also feel incredibly grateful that our company and our industry in general is so financially stable and resilient and that we are well positioned to be able to continue to support and provide all of us our ongoing jobs so that we can take care of ourselves and our families.

I realized this morning that the current situation is a perfect moment to practice our mission of Promoting Peace of Mind with Great Care by showing up (even from home) and being there to do our work as our highest selves for our co-workers, clients and everyone else that we interact with throughout our day. This is the greatest way that each of us can show and embody true leadership.

My favorite spiritual teacher/author, Eckhart Tolle wrote an amazing book called The Power of Now, which I would highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t read it. In the book, he encourages people to greet every situation and every moment as if you had chosen it. I like to think about that when I’m in a situation which otherwise feels challenging. Personally, and with that in mind, I’ve been enjoying this time where a lot of the noise has dropped away, my schedule has cleared and I’ve had more time and focus spent on the things that I really enjoy time with my family, my work (and the opportunity for service that it provides), self-care and reading. I’ve been keeping the TV and social media mostly off and kept my focus on positive things that enrich me. I’ve been cultivating as much love as possible in every way possible.

Remembering that Peace of Mind starts from within, I’ve been increasing my meditation practice. I woke up today and did my morning meditation and then stepped outside where I heard the birds singing and they reminded me of all the beauty that we are surrounded by and that this too shall pass. Once we have cultivated our own personal Peace of Mind, we are then best equipped to carry out our mission of promoting it and sharing it outwardly with others with great care.

Sending best regards and wishing everyone a beautiful day. Stay safe and take good care.

Bill J.

Tim Mooney
For 22 years, Tim has specialized in alternative risk financing for workers’ compensation and liability insurance programs with unmatched brokerage services.
Clint Tripodi

Clint has 25+ years of success in HR & Operations consulting with 450+ global high-tech companies.

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