Between 2 Bells (Two)

Liberty Action News Networks long anticipated show Between Two Bells. Starring none other than Liberty’s own Kip Tryon! Take two.

A Few Thoughts on the Current Situation

I wanted to send a note of appreciation to everyone who has been pulling together with such great attitudes and showing our core during this challenging time.

Getting to Joy

I often like to remind people to remember to do their JOB each day, which stands for Joy of Being. But the question remains, how do you get to joy?

Remember to Do Your JOB

Just a quick reminder to do your JOB today! JOB = Joy Of Being. Just follow these three easy steps.


Kindness is a lifestyle. It’s a very good thing to make another person feel good. But being kind is also very good for you.

Leading with Love

When it comes to leadership, I believe that love is typically a underutilized virtue but also potentially its most powerful.

Magical Alchemy

You may not realize it but you are an Alchemist – everyone is. Each of us finds ourselves having a certain set of circumstances in life…

Opening the Heart

A few things to remember on this day: life is beautiful, your existence is a miracle, and we are all swimming in blessings.

The Stories We Tell

I wanted to share a few thoughts which have come about as a result of some conversations I’ve had with people from different corners of my life…